Monday, September 15, 2014

The Strength to Perform, Overcome, and Love!

Teachthought 30-day Challenge
Day 15: Name 3 strengths you have as an educator.

I found these graphics to illustrate my strengths. 
I'm the art teacher...what can I say...I like visuals!

The more pressure I have to perform multiple tasks the better my brain works. The more things on my plate, the more driven I am to complete them. Much of my best work and growth comes from when I am under tons of pressure and looming deadlines. This week is one of those weeks. Come on brain, let's kick it into gear!!
I didn't think I'd be able to incorporate Marzano into my 40 minute classes and still have time to teach my art lessons. I thought for sure something would have to take the back seat. But I took the challenge on and worked hard to overcome my time constraint challenges, because I knew I could find a way to make everything work together for the ultimate learning experience for my students.

You may be thinking I chose this picture because Popeye is a symbol of strength. I actually chose this because Joseph, a second grader, loves drawing Popeye. I love my students! I love getting to know them and their likes. I love seeing the potential they have and working together with them to achieve it. I love being a teacher and working with students everyday. It takes a lot of strength to overcome the challenges and pressures of a changing educational world. 

But when I think of my strengths as an educator, my biggest one is my passion for teaching. 

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  1. What a truly terrifically talented teacher you are!!