Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Everything You Never Knew in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!

Day 10 of the 30-Day TeachThought Blogging Challenge!

5 Random Facts

1. I rescued a cat family this summer.

2. I just cut my hair shorter than it is has been in over 10 years.

3. I love mixing science with art!

4. I got stuck at this one on Guess Emoji.

5. Tomorrow night, my 3 kids and I are going to see Fitz and the Tantrums...Woohoo!

4 Things From my Bucket List

1. I want to take my 3 kids to Paris when my 16 year old graduates high school. 2 years and counting.

2. I want to speak on TED!

3. I'd like to live in different countries for a few months each year.

4. I want to Time Travel with Doctor Who. Matt Smith and David Tennant Please!!!

3 Hopes for this Year

1. I hope to be so successful in my integration of science that students grow by leaps and bounds.

2. I hope to keep my sanity with all the new Marzano and EOC Exams coming my way.

3. I hope my students learn to love the "Art of Thinking" as much as I do.

2 Things that Made me Laugh of Cry

1. I cried this week because I felt so overwhelmed with all the new changes in our state, county, and school. (and I NEVER cry!)

2. Please refer to number 1.

1 Thing I wish more people knew about me

1. I am not just the "Art Teacher"!

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  1. Please rfer to this blog, to see just how much this teacher is not just the art teacher, but a super teacher!