Monday, September 1, 2014

My Goals for This School Year

This is day 1 of the TeachThought 30-day Reflective Teaching Blog Challenge. Woohoo! Here we go. Today's prompt? Write your goals for the school year.

I found this GREAT illustration on a fitness blog and love how it breaks down SMART Goals. You can click to the blog below.

As many of you know, my Art Room theme this year is Sherlock! Yay! So excited. Besides just loving the show and Benedict Cumberbatch, there are other "Goal Related" reasons I picked this theme. For years I have been "Hiding the Veggies" in my Art Room. It's Educational name is STEAM. 

My Goals this year are very specific. 
  • To make students think! 
  • To re-engage their observational skills!! 
  • I want them to think again, like they did when they were little. 
  • I want them to explore and investigate and question!
  • I want them to discover the answers by knowing what questions to ask.
  • I want them to think not just in my classroom but in ALL their classrooms and in the world.
Is this Measurable? Heck yeah!

Is this Attainable? Heck yeah!

Is this Relevant? Heck yeah!

Is this Time-Bound? This is a two part question. 
  • For me yes...My deadline is as long as I have them in school.
  • For the students...No Way! The "Art of Thinking" is a goal that should always be changing and evolving. Like a work of art that can always be made better. 
And that my friends is my goal for this year. 

Hope you all had a relaxing Labor Day Weekend. Let's bring on the week!!