Thursday, September 4, 2014

I LOVE This! Can you guess why?

Day 4 asks us to reflect on what we love most about teaching.

Below my answer is illustrated.

Student A

       Student B           

Now you may be thinking:

 "Of course... The Art Teacher loves her student's ART the most"

But you'd be wrong! 

Student A is Autistic and mentally handicapped. He spends part of the day in a regular classroom, and it is then when he comes to art. For the past few years when I would would give lessons, he would quietly create his own work of art. For example, one time we were making clay snowmen and he made a "camera".

The picture above is the first time he has tried really hard to create the same project we were working on. I was amazed! You'll notice he watched me drawing so closely that he also wrote in my name.

And that my fellow teachers... is why I LOVE teaching!


  1. yes, because when when we reach them, it is magical.

  2. So true!!! We don't get the big bucks, but money can't buy what we do get!!