Saturday, December 13, 2014

STEAM & Arts Integration Conference

Just a few more weeks until the upcoming STEAM and
Arts Online Pre-Conference and Conference! 

I will be presenting in both parts so be sure to look for my presentations.
If you were at the FAEA conference a few months and weren't able to get into to my workshops here is your second chance.

Check out what I'll be presenting...

Poetry: Painting Pictures with Words

This workshop demonstration shows how easy it is to incorporate Common Core Standards into your art room in an effort to support your fellow teachers and enrich your student's depth of knowledge. Marzano's teaching methods are incorporated seamlessly and efficiently. The Learning Goal for this lesson is, "I will be able to compare the similarities and differences between the Elements of Poetry and the Elements of Art". These connections are then used to create a design that successfully integrates elements from each of these subjects. Tap into your creativity as you paint pictures with words, and leave confident and inspired to bring a little "Core" into your core subject!

Hiding the Veggies in the Art Room

How “hiding the veggies in the art room” keeps student minds healthy and strong in the academic world. Interested in STEAM but not quite sure how to incorporate it into your classroom? Trying to find a way to mix in relevant art history into these types of lessons? Do you want to see real life classroom success stories? Then I’ve got what you’re looking for, and a little Escher and Dali too. Join me for a session that will help fill your art class with STEAM this year!

During the workshop I discuss integrating science into art lessons by: 
1 - using the scientific method for a mural color challenge (student centered/teachers hands off).
2 - using empirical observations and inferences to interpret works of art

Integrating math into art lessons by:
1 - discussing Escher's tessellations and symmetry
2 - organizing students to solve cognitively complex math challenges related to geometry and other mathematical concepts.

Technology by:
1 - showing how technology on a budget can create amazing works of art. All you need is an iphone, a photo editing app, and a plastic bag!

All of these are taught in conjunction with art history and techniques for a truly integrated and memorable experience for students.

All participants will receive my interactive power point presentations for a full unit of coordinating plans free! You could be done planning for the rest of the year! 
Does it get any better? :-)

Can't wait to hear from all the great presenters! "See" you there.

Friday, December 12, 2014

I Say You Write A...ISYWA?

It's a new game for our Art Room! 

We call is ISYWA...aka I Say You Write A...

In an effort to speed up the "review" time in class, I have created a new game. It's quick, easy, and very effective for monitoring. Those of you who already use white boards for this purpose can attest to how effective a tool white boards are for class monitoring and engagement.

Here's the deal. 

Students work together with shoulder partners to respond to words I say.
For example: If I say candy their response may be sweet, butterfingers, cavities etc...

Of course my words or prompts are all art related.
Once I say the word the teams have 20 seconds to come up with a response.
They may have to write a word or draw their response.
All boards are held up after 20 seconds are up and then it's their partners turn to write.
(this can also be done with a 1 to 1 ratio of white boards for individual monitoring/tracking)

They LOVE it! It's a game and they have no idea how beneficial this is for both them and me!

If you are an art teacher just think of all the quick checks you can do.


and the list goes on and on...