Sunday, September 14, 2014

Reverse Feedback in the Art Room

Day 14 Blogging Challenge 
What is Feedback for Learning? And how well do you give it to your students.

Ms. Elliston, do you like my drawing?

I hear this questions ALL the time in my Art Room. Students in my class are constantly asking for feedback and reassurance. Years ago, when I first started teaching I would answer the questions with an excited Yes! And follow up with all the reasons I thought their art was great.

But that really is taking the easy way out. Because honestly, there are a lot of pieces I don't like. And that is one of the great things about art, we don't have to like everything we see. So I started to direct the questions back to the students. I wanted their feedback and self reflection on their own work. I started hiding my own feedback in the form of questions that encouraged the students to critique themselves.

So when I am asked if I like a student's work of art, I ask them what they like about it. I ask about the details in their design, and the colors they chose. I ask about the time spent creating the piece and if they think they rushed it.  I ask a lot of questions, and I comment on specific qualities I think each piece has, but my feedback never answers their number 1 question..."Ms. Elliston, do you like my drawing?"

I hope that hiding my feedback by making it their own helps my students learn that the only person they need to "like my drawing" is themselves.

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