Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Fashion Week Begins

Last week was Kids Create Art's Fashion Week for Tweens. I always hit the library for tons of free resources! Always Always Always check out the library first!

We started off the week creating our fashion sketchbooks "altered book" style. The kids loved turning an already published book into their own unique style. In the sketchbooks students took notes about fashion, created outfits out of the print and designs found on the pages in the books, and took listed key facts about time periods they were interested in.

A great exercise was having them draw 5 - 1 minute gesture drawings using me as their model. Each minute was a different pose. I remember doing this in college and I loved being challenged by time.
I started researching fashion lesson plan ideas and found some great links. Check them out on my Pinterest account at this link http://pinterest.com/kidscreateart/the-art-behind-fashion/

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