Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Creating Fashion Boards

If you are doing any kind of camp I HIGHLY recommend encouraging all your students to bring portable tablets or laptops. One of our projects for Fashion Week was to create a fashion board with a specific time period theme.

Favorite website for the kids for this project was
They all created their own accounts and started making sets based on current trends they liked as well as fashion from favorite periods in history. Having access to the internet in addition to the books I had on hand from the library helped with this projects required research.

To make our Time Period Fashion Boards (TPFB) we used butcher paper to cover foam board and created a stand flap in the back. Students created mannequins out of more butcher paper and then colored one color. We used tacks to attache the mannequin to the board allowing for movement at the joints.

Tracing paper was used to make patterns and then patterns were used to create the styles seen below. This was a GREAT project and took much longer than I anticipated which works for me because they really got into their role of fashion designer.

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