Friday, December 12, 2014

I Say You Write A...ISYWA?

It's a new game for our Art Room! 

We call is ISYWA...aka I Say You Write A...

In an effort to speed up the "review" time in class, I have created a new game. It's quick, easy, and very effective for monitoring. Those of you who already use white boards for this purpose can attest to how effective a tool white boards are for class monitoring and engagement.

Here's the deal. 

Students work together with shoulder partners to respond to words I say.
For example: If I say candy their response may be sweet, butterfingers, cavities etc...

Of course my words or prompts are all art related.
Once I say the word the teams have 20 seconds to come up with a response.
They may have to write a word or draw their response.
All boards are held up after 20 seconds are up and then it's their partners turn to write.
(this can also be done with a 1 to 1 ratio of white boards for individual monitoring/tracking)

They LOVE it! It's a game and they have no idea how beneficial this is for both them and me!

If you are an art teacher just think of all the quick checks you can do.


and the list goes on and on...

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