Friday, January 10, 2014

Instagram Challenge: Elements of Art

Kids LOVE Instagram. Hey, I love Instagram. What's not to love? It's fun, easy, and keeps you connected with the world. I especially love being able to connect with my students in a fun and relaxing way. Sometimes I even slip a little learning and application into this arena.

My most recent is the
  Instagram Challenge: 
Elements of Art 

Although the EOA are used every day in class during the creation of our art work, I believe it's very important that the students can recognize and 
name all 7 elements. 

When working on a piece of art the student should be able to critique their piece and make design decisions based on the elements used. Usually it's subtle changes that take a work of art from good to GREAT!

The Instagram Challenge: Elements of Art has simple rules and sends students on a scavenger hunt through their world. Capture the 7 Elements of Art in 7 Pictures. That's it. 

And what's the fun in a challenge without a prize? The students that receives the most likes on their combined pictures will receive one of my Creativity NOT Conformity poster. A much coveted item in the art room.

Meeting students not just where they're at academically, but also in their world, makes the connections that foster true learning in these 21st Century Learners.

You can find me on Instagram as Kids Create Art. Start your own Instagram Challenge today and tag me in it. I would love to see what other creative ideas people come up with.

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