Friday, September 27, 2013

Sticky Notes on Foreheads? Yes!

This week has been all about interpretation and and how each of us may see art differently based on our observations and individual experience.

Critical thinking and reflections were the big ideas this week, and where the standards came from for my lessons. My last class of the week was fifth-grade and I had to share with you the experience we had exploring art and interpreting the paintings we saw.

After we went over our essential question, learning goal, and scale, we got right into interpreting the art on display. Where do the sticky notes come in you may ask? I used them to assess where my students fell on our scale of understanding after the lesson.

Here's the breakdown:

Students are paired together with a partner and given a sticky note and a piece of art. Working together and using observation and experience, they interpret the work of art and write it on the sticky note. 

This is where it gets fun. One student puts the sticky note on their forehead and holds the work of art up for the class the see. Their partner reads the interpretation to the class. 

We started out with all groups standing and as each one presented they sat down. I gave feedback on whether they reached our learning goal and we discussed where they now fell on the scale of understanding.

They LOVED it!!!! Last class of the day...last class of the week...5th grade....LOVED IT! The energy was so fantastic I was sweating lol.

Here are some pics of how it played out. 

Love ending the week feeling awake and alive with the energy I get from my students excitement to learn.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Be Creative,


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