Thursday, September 19, 2013

Open House Opens Minds

The Dot connected families like never before. We had open house at school tonight and it was one of my best experiences as a teacher to date!

As you know we celebrated International Dot Day this past Sunday. Students worked all week creating their unique dot to add to our universe. The outcome was visually stunning as the dark black paper was transformed into a universe full of creatively colorful dots that lit up the entry way to the art room.

I asked my students to invite their parents to come into the art room to create their own dot during open house. To my surprise three fourths or more of the population of our school brought their families in to create their own unique dot.

Parents who normally would have shyed away from creating something for fear of doing it wrong were encouraged by their children. All they had to do was create a simple dot. And, that one simple act would mean so much to our school universe.

Families ended up creating dots and grouping them together, in effect creating connections that will remain ingrained in our entryway even after the parents have gone. 

It was truly a sight to see my art room overflowing with families eager to create with their children. I love being an art teacher because of amazing experiences like these!

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  1. How do we change the world? One child and one family at a time :-)