Monday, June 17, 2013

Art behind books

Kids Create Art Summer Camp has begun. Woohoo! Week 1 is the "Art behind our favorite books".
Researching what activities to incorporate into this fun creative week of learning I came across several sites that I think are great! Check them out below our daily pic.

Day 1 of camp consisted of a field trip to the library and the checking out of 50+ books. #OCLS is awesome with all kinds of summer programs for kids and all of them free! When we returned to the studio we practiced drawing some Seuss characters, funked them up a bit, renamed them and gave them personality.

We talked about the Caldecott Medal and what it means, and then started researching the variety of illustrating styles used in the book we brought home. Camper first practiced tracing their favorite illustrations then drew them free hand. Tomorrow all students will be bringing ipads or laptops to explore the cool resources online that will help them create their own books.

Below is our pic of the day. Students presenting their own version of the Lorax.

Linking you to creativity!